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Love TV ( 22/08/2008 )

Scotland loves TV

Made in Scotland - TV - August 2008

From Taggart to Raven, Hope Springs to Location, Location, Location, Still Game to Wedding Belles comedy, drama, factual entertainment, children's...all great programmes, all made in Scotland.

Production companies like IWC, Tern, The Comedy Unit and Red Kite, and facilities like M8, Artem, Serious and Savalas - all successful, all based in Scotland. They are profiled here, along with Scotland's great individual talent - producers, writers, actors and directors, like Douglas Mackinnon, Robert Carlyle, Stephen Greenhorn and Eileen Gallagher. Together they make Scotland the best place to make the best TV.

Through TRC Media, Screen Academy Scotland, Creative Loop and NETS, along with ground-breaking production initiatives like The Singles and PILOT, Scotland is supporting the growth and development of its television talent and businesses.

And through the Celtic Media Festival and BAFTA Scotland we recognise and celebrate our creative excellence.

And Scotland's cities towns and amazing land and seascapes act as a magnet for UK and international producers looking for that perfect location. We have the best talent, the most innovative businesses, state of the art facilities, world class locations and a 'can do' approach to doing business.

If you want the proof, download Made in Scotland, our new brochure which loves Scottish TV as much as we do.

Made in Scotland - TV

Made in Scotland (TV)

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