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Scotland Loves Film ( 20/05/2008 )

Scotland Loves Film

Made in Scotland - May 2008

Scottish Screen's new brochure gives a flavour of what Scotland has to offer.

From The Magdalene Sisters to Sweet Sixteen, from The Last King of Scotland to Doomsday and from Stone of Destiny to Red Road, our creative talent and businesses lead the way in storytelling on the big screen for global audiences.

Writers, directors, producers, actors, composers - Scotland produces the best. Sharman Macdonald, Andrea Gibb, Paul McGuigan, Dougray Scott, Craig Armstrong are all profiled here, as are the production companies, facilities companies and individual talent who make Scotland the best place to make films.

Through Screen Academy Scotland, Creative Loop and a host of talent development inititatives, Scotland is supporting the development of the next generation of filmmaking talent and businesses.

And we don't just love making films, we love seeing them as well. We have the best network of cultural cinemas, the widest range of festivals and of course the UK's premier film festival (and the world's longest running), the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

And Scotland's cities, towns and amazing land and seascapes act as a magnet for international producers looking for the perfect location. We have the best talent, the most innovative businesses, state of the art facilities, world class locations and a 'can do' approach to doing business.

If you want the proof, download Made in Scotland, our new brochure which loves Scottish film as much as we do.

Ken Hay

Made in Scotland (Film)

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