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Scottish Screen invests around £7m in the development and promotion of Scotland's screen industries each year. This includes distributing £2.3m of National Lottery funds. We invest in a range of initiatives, projects and activities designed to develop talent, audiences and businesses across the country.

Investment Funds, Guidelines and Application Form update - 2 August 2010

Due to the number of high quality projects successfully accessing investment, we have fully allocated the funds from our Content Production Fund, Content Development Fund and Talent Development Fund.

We have invested just under £590,000 in seven talent development programmes which offer a comprehensive ladder of opportunity for new, emerging and established writers, producers, directors, content creators and digital media talent. These programmes will run over the next 9-12 months. More information on this investment here

We also have offers out to nine projects, under the Content Production Fund, that are in the process of raising production finance.  All offers made under the Content Production Fund undergo regular review to ensure progress is being made.  Any updates on the availability of funds from this investment strand will be made in September 2010.

All our other investment strands remain open and details can be found in the Investment Guidelines

Please note both the Investment Guidelines and application form have been updated. The most recent version is dated August 2010.

Any applications for the Talent Development and Content Production Funds received after 5pm on the 7 June 2010 will be returned to the applicant. Applications received before close of business on the 7 June 2010 will be reviewed for assessment and if eligible will be processed within 4 – 6 weeks. 

Any applications for the Content Development Fund received after 5.30pm on the 2 August 2010 will be returned to the applicant. Applications received before close of business on the 2 August 2010 will be reviewed for assessment and if eligible will be processed within 4 – 6 weeks. 

Scottish Screen's Investment strands are:

Talent and Creativity

Content Development Fund
For investment in developing projects.
Content Production Fund
For the production of screen projects, including feature films, TV series and short films.
Talent Development Fund
For companies and organisations to deliver specialist production and career development programmes.
Opportunities Fund
To create opportunities for Scottish talent to raise their profile, build networks and develop skills and expertise.
Digital Media Seed Fund

To stimulate the development of innovative non-broadcast interactive content.

Digital Media IP Fund
To stimulate the development and production of non-broadcast interactive content.

Market Development

Audience Development Fund
For projects and festivals that bring new audiences for film and increase access to moving image culture across Scotland.
Market Development Fund To strengthen the market for films relevant to Scottish Screen industries and promote moving image culture.

Other Funds

Artists Film & Video Fund
For artists working in Scotland; there are two £20,000 awards for visual art on offer.

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